In Hon. Morris's District One Montserrado County, all promises made must be fulfilled to the letter. Such is integrity...... such is the leadership style we envisage for our country Liberia.

This was the occasion on Monday October 29, 2018 when the Law maker paid a total of twenty thousand United States Dollars as tuition for 143 undergraduate students attending the Barshell University in Paynesville Monrovia.
Morris settles tuition at Barshell University
Todee district  tour addresses water challeges
One of the distinguished characteristic of Representative Morris's leadership never before seen in the district is his ubiquity- the tendency of being present with his people at all times since his election to the office of  Representative.
Todee district, one of the prominent districts that makes up electoral District # 1 was again toured this Monday October 22, 2018 by the Honorable to begin the process of building water supply capacity to major towns badly in need of pure drinking water.

Accompanied by a Canadian Water company called LIFE WATER on his tour,  Representative Morris assured residents the provision of safe drinking help conclude the ever-lasting water challenge faced by the district..
Rep. Morris empathizes with the victims of  Fendell and promises support in their legal pursuit
Communities in which the benefiting students reside include Careysburg (38); Louisiana (28); Tolberta (20); Kingsville (17); Mount Coffee and Bentol City (9); Tubmanville (6); Voker Mission (5); Crozierville and White Plains (4 persons each), and Harrisburg (3).

Making the “tuition-free” payment on BUC campus, an amount of L$3.1 million, equivalent to US$20,000 United States Dollars was paid to the administration of the university, about 65 percent of the total tuition cost for the 143 students.
Rep. Morris launches LMDI's arithmetic competition,
"The Multiplier
The National Multiplication Competition, THE MULTIPLIER, was launched at the Monrovia Christian Fellowship Center by Montserrado County Representative, Lawrence Morris with commitment to influence National Legislative support to the LMDI's many initiatives targeting competition. The academia for excellence told the gathering of at about 500 Primary & Secondary pupils that brain teasing competitions such as the ones being run by the LMDI needs national government support because they ignite and bring out the undiscovered talents in young people who are  Read More...
Charcoal made from recycled wastes
produced in District #1-Montserrado
Honorable Lawrence Morris,
Representative District #1
Montserrado County seeks to further
the promises and agenda for his
candidacy in the area of education and
has therefore launched the
Representative Lawrence Morris
Bachelor's Degree Program beginning
this academic 2018-2019. There are
two categories of scholarship under the program.
1. Honorable Lawrence Morris Special Scholarship Award (ASA).
These scholarship are very selective and will be determined
solely by Honorable Lawrence Morris. The eligibility for these
awards are also the sole determination of Honorable Lawrence
Morris. There are only twenty (20) twenty scholarships Awards
Under this category.
Charcoal made from recycled materials unveiled
One does not need to be an environmentalist or a global warming expert to understand the devastating effect of deforestation as a result of our total reliance, for a country like Liberia, on charcoal for cooking; and this is the line and direction the District #1 Representative Morris Lawrence has been thinking ever since he was elected Representative of the District.

In his efforts to circumvent deforestation directly related to the use of charcoal for cooking, Hon. Morris together with a team of local recycler have manufactured charcoal from recycled waste, an end product that is 85 % more cost effective  then traditional coal.

He made the pronouncement on Saturday October 19, 2018 in Fendell where he was invited by the LMDI-Dialogue team to address victims affected by the demolition of homes carried out by the past government under the leadership of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.
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Welcome to
 District # 1 Montserrado Hon. Lawrence Morris, Representative
Morris promotes sports amongst youths in  District #1
Montserrado County District #1 Representative Lawrence Morris has congratulated the victorious Montserrado County men’s football team with a donation of whopping US$1,000 as an initial contribution for their splendid performance during the course of the 2017-2018 County Read More
If water is Life, then Hon. Morris has given life
to his people in Todee
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Welcome fellow citizens!

I am humbled by your  trust and grateful for  the confidence you have  reposed in me to serve you as Representative of this great district,
District # 1 Montserrado County.

I have set up this web portal for the district as a means of monitoring and evaluating my activities as it relates to my vision, my campaign promises and the job you sent me here to do as representative amongst others. This website as you may see will serve as an image of  everything I am doing and intend to do  for you my people of this  District. It will  serve as a means of coordinating communications and activities  amongst our local leadership and Commissioners as often as possible so that you,  our people,  will be aware of everything that is going on, both in my office on the Capitol Hill and other leadership structure in the district.

The website brings with it additional opportunities for all of us, especially the youths. I encourage you to therefore make maximum use of your visit to this site any where you are. The site is up  24/7...
Welcome once again!
Hon. Lawrence Morris
District # One Montserrado County
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