About District # 1
Soon after independence in July 1847, Liberia
was divided into five counties for governance
purposes: Montserrado, Grand Cape Mount,
Grand Bassa, Sinoe, and Maryland. The
remaining part of the county, mostly the
interior, was administered by District
commissioners up until 1964 when President William V.S. Tubman's
Unification' policy gave a county status to all inland administrative
divisions:: Grand Gedeh, Nimba, Bong and Lofa.
In 1984 under President Samuel Doe, Grand Kru and Bomi were
established, and in 1985, Margibi and River Cess were also added.
The last two counties were created under President Charles Taylor::
River Gee in 2000 and Gbarpolu in 2001.
To understand the history of Electoral District number one, it is
important that we first understand the creation of the counties of
Liberia since it is impossible for an electoral district to exixt in isolation
of a county.
Montserrado County is located northwest of the Republic of Liberia in
West Africa. It is one of the original five counties created in 1847.
With a population of a million nine hundred thousand inhabitants, it is
considered the highest county population in Liberia, In Montesrrado
county, there are (17) political districts with sizable populations,
This County has a total area size measuring 1,909 square kilometers
(738 square miles). District # 1, is the first District of Montserrado
County. The District has the largest land size among all the other
Districts in Montserrado County, and probably one of the smallest
populations in Montserrado, estimated at 126,000. District # 1 is home
to Liberia’s official Capitol City, Bentol. District # 1 is bordered by
Bomi County to the west, Bong County to the north and Margibi
County to the east thereby making District # 1 largely accessible to the
rest of the Country.
District # 1, is the only District within the Republic of Liberia that has
two cities, Bentol City, the Official Capital City of the Republic of
Liberia and Careysburg City. The District also consists of two (2)
separate Statutory Districts with two (2) Superintendent and has eight
(8) Townships, headed by eight (8) Commissioners.
District # 1 is endowed with some natural resources, including
extractive minerals – mainly gold and rocks. District # 1 also has
potential for huge sand mining activities. The District is also endowed in
water and at such is the home of the Nation’s only Hydro Grade that
provide safe drinking water to the rest of the Country, including
Monrovia. Moreover, District # 1, specifically in the Township of
Harrisburg, also hosts Liberia’s only Power Grade that also provides
power supply for the rest of the Country.
District # 1 has two major tribes, the Kpelles and the Gola. There are
also smaller groups of Bassa, Mano, and Lorma speaking groups.
Most of these inhabitants are small holder farmers who engage in
subsistence farming activities in food crops like rice, vegetables,
cassava and sugar cane among others. Other residents find livelihood
by working for sand or rock mining concessions or engage in charcoal
District # 1 is yet mostly rural and
underdeveloped and lacks basic social services
and infrastructure. Roads and bridges are in
dire need for reconstruction and or
rehabilitation. Access to health care is limited,
even in less rural communities. There are very
limited early childhood development and
secondary educational institutions. There are
no modern recreational facilities; no hotels, no
banks and other financial institutions. Even with
access to the hydro grade and power grade,
very few residents are benefitted from these
basic social services. The need for
improvements is still very huge.
General overview:
Hon. Lawrence Morris
District # One Montserrado County
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