About Hon. Lawrence Morris
Representative elect for District # 1 Montserrado
County Hon.Lawrence Monrris is a result oriented,
energetic, self-motivated, confident, reliable and
hardworking man with extensive and impressive
career through Africa, Europe and the United
His career spans over Twenty years experience in
facilitating the implementation of people centered community driven initiatives such
as livelihoods project, non-emergency programs, Natural ResourcesManagement and
Climate Change programs. His work also extends to advocacy and lobbying. His rich
experience of partner perspective as Resident Representative for the Mano River
Union MRU) has greatly influenced the present cordial relationship between
initiatives/program and other key establishment such as USAID, UNOWA, UNMIL,
AfDB, etc. etc. as well as the various Government of Liberia various line Ministries
and Agencies within the context of agriculture, health and nutrition and some bilateral
offices in the MRU Members States. Prior to this, Hon. Morris served as Country
Station Administrator for the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA) – a
member of the Consultative Group of International Agriculture Group (CGIAR) where
his experience of true partnership greatly influenced the successful establishment of
Agriculture Cooperatives, Farmer Field Schools, etc. etc. With a good knowledge in
project management, excellent supervisory and managerial skills, a rich experience in
managing and analyzing project budget and using the information to develop very good
and relevant budget variance report for management decisions. He has also served in
special skills in providing technical and managerial support and leadership on field
activities to partner organizations to enable them find innovative ways of supporting
their project communities to deliver inclusive sustainable services and linking that to
the project activities. Hiis skills extend to empowering communities with information
to enable them monitor and hold service providers and duty bearers accountable.
Country Administrator International Institute
for Tropical Agriculture (IITA) February 2010
– June 2012 (2 years 5 months)
Oversee all aspects of the day–to–day
activities, administrative, financial (internal
and external audits), operations, human
resource department and project design.
Maintain all records and personnel related
documentations.. Directly liaise with host country officials relevant to IITA’s
operations. Liaising with host country government officials. Lead the implementation
of activities in terms of designing strategies and other programs to ensure effectiveness
and produce monthly reports. Prepare, manage and monitor the station’s operating and
capital budgets. Coordinate the recruitment of staffs (technical & support) and service
providers. Coordinate and supervise activities of implementing partners.Plan, and
ensure the execution of activities of all stakeholders in accordance with the grants and
or funding agreements. Implement and ensure compliance with IITA policies and
procedures and bring up suggestions for changes where necessary. Liaise with
appropriate support service unit heads and ensure timely reporting of all partners,
stakeholders within the timeframe and ensure effective and efficient coordination
amongst all stakeholders. Conduct periodic system audits of all transactions as well as
execute the monitoring and evaluation of all programs and projects. Serve as Acting
Country Representative in the absence of the Country Representative. Maintain
effective records on all administrative functions and services. Perform any other duties
as may be required by the Country Representative or Deputy Director General for
Support Services.
Consultant, Population Serice Inernational (PSI) January 2011 –
February 2011 (2 months)
Participated in the structuring of programs and designing
strategic plans for the implementation of the Global Funds grant
and USAID grant on Smart Choice Programs. Advised on budget
management, human resource management, and financial
reporting. Liaise with the Technical Advisor on specific grants
and achievable program deliverables. Coordinated and facilitated
trainings of other line managers in the management of program
budgets and donor reporting. Liaised with the Technical Advisor in presenting plans to
donor organizations and other stakeholders. Represented PSI when appointed by the
Country Representative on meetings with partners or stakeholder sessions.
Travel to various rural locations to assess and advise county coordinators and assist in
the strategic planning in achieving the objectives of the projects. Compiled and
submitted reports to the Country Representative
(Consultant) Grants Committee Chairman
African Community Education (ACE) Program November 2006
– December 2008 (2years 2 months)
Serve in designing strategies for achieving the program
objectives. Serve on various committees in designing social
programs/activities that link the community and the Education
Department. Facilitated capacity building training for volunteer staff as well as
program staff for the implementation of the program. Maintain good networking and
partnership relations with other partners of the Program. Perform relevant human
resource management activities such as processing the payroll and maintaining the
program policies and procedures. Develop program objectives, proposals and budgets
for various programs. Prepare narrative and financial reports for different programs
under the federal education grant programs. Participate in audits and project
evaluations activities for the organization. Develop and ensure the financial
management of the projects/programs met the objectives and outputs of the capacity
programs. Maintain records, files and progress report and relevant information for the
department. Assist in the recruitment of local staff and management of the department
in line with specific policies, ensuring that they have the necessary induction, training
and managing program objectives.
Conduct capacity building for project/program staff on relevant issues pertaining to
program. Represent the Program Director to various Donor Agencies in and around the
state of Massachusetts-U.S.A. Perform any other duty as required by the Program
Grants Manager Africare February 2004 – May
2006 (2 years 4 months)
Managed a ten million (10m) dollar grant from
U.S.A.I.D./Africare-Liberia for the
implementation for the Improved Community
Health (ICH) and Agricultural projects within the
context of the DDRR program in Liberia.
Assisted in maintaining policies relating to staff
development and policy compliance. Participated in project strategic planning,
budgeting, and review and monitoring as well as policy dialogues with other
implementing partners. Prepared timely and narrative reports for the donors and others
as required. Set up indicators to ensure a smooth monitoring process of all program
activities thereby collecting baseline data and setting up (M&E) monitoring and
evaluation plans. Developed and provide oversight on all projects including the ability
to resolve constraints and recommend solutions in meeting the institution’s standards.
Draw up guidelines for request for proposals as well as carrying out thorough
screening of proposals from other Local NGO’s requesting grants for the
implementation of micro-projects. Ensured that Grant Resources are transparently
accounted for by managing the financial and administrative aspect of all sub-grantees.
Supervised the accounts department and review the financial situation of each
sub-grantee. Prepared sub-contracts for sub-grantees, local Non - Governmental
Organizations (LNGO) in compliance with the guidelines of Africare /Liberia and
U.S.A.I.D. Assisted the Country Representative and Chief of Party (COP) in recruiting
staff/personnel for the various projects. Monitored and evaluated all projects activities
on a periodic basis maintaining the highest standards of performance. Represented
Africare/Liberia at International Non- Government Organization (INGO) meetings,
Government Agencies and/or donor meetings as directed by the Country
Representative and the Chief of Party. Assumed any other duties as assigned by the
Country Representative
Assistant Field Officer Pietje Papier Recycling June 2002 –
December 2003 (1 year 7 months)
Under the direction of the Field Coordinator, promoted and
coordinated relations with clients and other companies.
Prepared periodic reports on all field activities ensuring That
the responses from the field are efficient and effective.
Identified and prepared Capacity building training manuals for
the field offices while maintaining a good working
relationship with clients ensuring that the objectives of the field activities were
achieved. Traveled frequently to the different sites in country for monitoring and
evaluation. Developed and assisted in the coordination of the company logistic
activities in different parts of the country. Promoted a collaborative, client-focused,
quality and results oriented approach in the field offices. Planned and monitored the
implementation of various projects of the field offices. Supervises subordinate
personnel. Facilitate communication between the field offices and the head office.
Performed administrative and financial management activities of the field office.
Performed any other duties as may be assigned by the Field Coordinator.
RIVER UNION - LIBERIA June 2013 – Present (4 years
11 months)
Lead all activities of the MRU in conjunction with the
other three (3) three member countries namely: Guinea,
Sierra Leone and Côte D’Ivoire. Gather, review and digest
information on all matters related to the MRU’s
declaration, protocols, conflict resolutions and decisions taken by the
Union Ministerial Council and Heads of States and Governments, staffs and financial
rules and regulations with a view to setting the proper framework for effectively
managing the affairs of the Liberia Country Office. Represent the MRU at high levels
with government officials and with UN Officials/agencies including the national and local
levels. Identify and establish working relationships with required agencies, governmental
institutions, and organizations in the public, donor agencies/institutions, NGO’s and
private sector as well as the diplomatic corps. Conduct training/capacity building,
strategic planning and development programs including the monitoring and evaluation of
all activities of the MRU in Liberia and sometimes in the member states as may be
Establish desired mechanism, in line with established national, international and donor
regulations, to follow up and secure resources committed by donors/partners to the MRU
on behalf of the Secretariat. Ensure that communication between the Secretariat, the
national authorities and other stakeholders, and member countries is facilitated. Lead
guide and ensure the required technical and administrative guidance to the work of the
Liberia Office with technical and administrative and financial backstopping to the other
member countries.
Provide detailed inputs for the preparation of the annual report of the Secretariat. Provide
overall oversight and supervise the work of the Country Office. Work in the design of
strategies in fundraising Perform any other duties that may be assigned to you from time
to time by the Secretary General/Board of Directors.
Finance & Administrative Officer Africare January
2008 – November 2011 (3 years 11 months)
Lead the implementation of activities in terms of
designing strategies and other programs to ensure
effectiveness and produce monthly reports.
Prepare, manage and monitor the station’s
operating and capital budgets as well as conduct
internal audits of the institution’s financial
transactions. Assist in the administering monetized housing related benefits, annual leave,
travels, advertisements for a wide range of programs, grants and in conducting related
surveys. Participates effectively in the system by which key country office and project
staff regularly analyze and discuss in country expenditure records and cost-center
financial report issued by Africare’s office of finance, to review information that
managers require to insure that in country financial obligation/spending remain within
grant terms and approved fiscal year budgets.
Assessed the training needs for the administrative staff, and identified training
opportunities. Establishes specific job objectives each year against which to guide and
assess performance of each employee in the administrative unit. Liaising with host
country government officials upon designation by the Country Representative. Lead the
implementation of activities in terms of designing strategies and other programs to
ensure effectiveness and produce monthly reports. In conjunction with the Country
Representative (CR) and appropriate project coordinators prepares Annual
Administrative, operational project and specific budget projections (as well as revised
quarterly strategic plan projects) and performs budget analysis on a regular basis.
Designs for CR approval and implements system and procedures for improving cost
effectiveness of procurement with compromising minimal required quality. Prepares,
monitors and provides over all management for contracts (personnel, property or
services), according to Africare regulations. Serves as Acting Country Representative in
the absence of the Country Representative
Senior Consultant United States African Development
Foundation (USADF) January 2009 – June 2009 (6 months)
Assist the Country Coordinator in planning and conducting
research and outreach visits to potential clients. Served on the
proposal review committees and assess available data
accompanying proposals submitted and recommend follow up
technical analysis to proposals in order to conform to
USADF’s Project Assistance Documentations (PAD)
requirements. Liaise with other development organizations,
agencies, partners, and government line ministries working in similar programs and
sectors in Liberia. Assist the Country Coordinator prepare scopes of work for specialized
technical/social analyses in support of proposals. Draft technical sections of the Project
Assistance Documentations (PAD) including the technical annexes. Analyzes proposals
and assists with the procurement of capital assets for the projects. Assist with other
relevant assignment as relates to the Foundation’s mission, vision, and values. Perform any
other tasks as assigned by the Country Coordinator.

Administrator/Liaison Officer United States Department of
Education (Worcester Public Schools) USA. June 2006 –
January 2008 (1 year 8 months)
Assist in planning and designing strategies for the successful
implementation of programs to meet attainable and sustainable
goals. Assisted in conducting audits and monitoring and
evaluation practices to all programs related to the education
department which requires reviewing and enhancing the M & E
strategies for ongoing and new projects under formulation. I also serve as a focal
person/liaison providing administrative support through capacity building in coordination
with the Director while maintaining the policies and
procedures of the department missions, values and goals as well as maintaining
relationships with other stakeholders. Developed program objectives and goals, proposals
and budge building capacities across the district of Worcester. As a senior level person, I
the recruiting process of new staff members. Develop and ensure the financial
management of the projects/programs and maintain records, files and progress report and
relevant information for the department. Perform regular monitoring and evaluations and
periodic review based on work plans ensuring close cooperation and coordination
between and among program and project in terms of the impact of the department’s
interventions. Identified potential implementation problems and provide
recommendations and/or solutions to ensure the department’s knowledge becomes
strengthened. Executed other duties as may be directed by the Director consistent with
the functions, roles and responsibilities of an Administrator.

Assistant Logistics Manager Tatung Netherlands B.V.
January 2003 – February 2004 (1 year 2 months)
Developed and assisted in the coordination of the company
logistics activities in different parts of the country.
Promoted a collaborative, client-focused, quality and results
oriented approach in the department. Responsible for the request for estimates, all
procurement, delivery, and stocking of orders. Ensure sound management of the
administrative and logistical systems and procedures.
Review requisitions from program managers to ensure that the specifications are clear
and complete and budgets are sufficient. Assisted in the supervision and organization of
activities for the personnel of which he/she is in charge (drivers, warehouse workers) in
order to ensure the good functioning of the logistics department. Maintained and system
of database to track inventory of goods and services for clients. Supervised on a daily
basis and amended guidelines following consultations with the Administrator. Ensure the
proper management, utilization, and inventory of the company’s supplies, assets, and
procurement process. Prepared and submitted periodic reports. Maintain good network
and partnership relations with partners. Maintain proper record of expenditure, receipts
and PO forms, Quote Evaluations, Way Bills, etc, according to the Logistics manual. Lead
the process of requesting/purchasing and facilitating import and ensuring registration and
insurance for the Fleet of vehicles. Organized, mobilized, and managed all operations of
the logistics department as well as organizing training, and procurement In accordance
with the norms of the company. Ensure that the procurement procedures are appreciated.
Performed other related tasks as required or assigned by the supervisor.
Internal Audit Assistant West Africa Rice Development
Association (Now - Africa Rice) March 1999 – June 2000 (1 year
4 months)
Assisted in the preparation of financial and auditing reports for the
Association. In collaboration with the Financial Comptroller and
the Senior Internal Auditor, verified internal financial control
systems and financial statements and the cash management systems of the Association.
Carried out research evaluations of project activities to ensure compliance. Prepared
quarterly and annual progress reports on the financial activities of the Association.
Perform a field survey and tour the facilities to provide exposure to the operations.
Participate in project planning, budgeting, review, and monitoring and evaluating as well as
policy dialogues with other project partners. Studied audit areas with special emphasis
placed on policies and regulations. Prepared timely and narrative reports for the donors
and others as required. Established financial reporting and internal control systems and
were also responsibilities for verification of all financial transactions. Worked with the
Auditor-in-Chief to prepare a draft audit report, review it and make presentations to
management prior to the exit conference. Proposed and/or revised procedures and
practices, interpreting and evaluating the impact the adjustments had on the personnel and
recommended follow-up actions or solutions. Performed any other duties as required
Hon. Lawrence Morris
Educational Credentials
University of Liberia, International Relations - Development Diplomacy
Master’s Degree, Development Diplomacy
2013 - 2015

Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen
Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Finance and Financial Management Services
2000 - 2002

University of Cocody, Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire
Bachelor’s Degree, Accounting and Business/Management
1994 - 1998
Volunteer Experience & Causes
Grants Manager/Writer
Non-Profit Organization Program - African Community Education (ACE) Program - Boston, USA
April 2005

Causes Lawrence cares about:

Animal Welfare, Children, Civil Rights and Social Action
Disaster and Humanitarian Relief, Economic Empowerment, Education, Environment, Health
Human Rights, Politics, Poverty Alleviation and Social Services


English, French

Dutch-Full professional proficiency
Spanish-Professional working proficiency
German-Limited working proficiency
Creoles and pidgins, English-based
Professional working proficiency
Hon. Lawrence Morris
District # One Montserrado County
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