Hon. Lawrence Morris Bachelors Degree

Honorable Lawrence Morris, Representative District #1 Montserrado County, Seeks to Further the Promises and agenda for his candidacy in the area of education and has therefore lunch the Representative Lawrence Morris Bachelor's Degree Program beginning this academic 2018-2019. There are two categories of scholarship under the program.

1. Honorable Lawrence Morris Special Scholarship Award (ASA). These scholarship are very selective and will be determined solely by Honorable Lawrence Morris. The eligibility for these awards are also the sole determination of Honorable Lawrence Morris. There are only twenty (20) twenty scholarships Awards Under this category.

2. Honorable Lawrence Morris Annual Scholarship Award (ASA). These scholarships are highly competitive. Starting in 2018, the scholarship will be awarded to a total of fifty seven (57) top students from District #1, Montserrado County, (5 scholarship each from Louisiana, White Plains, Harrisburg, Crozierville, Kingsville#7, Tolberta, Tolbertvill, Mount Coffee, Bensonville City and Careysburg City) with the intent of promoting their academic excellence through college graduation, and providing them the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Eligibility for Honorable Lawrence Morris Annual Scholarship Award (ASA).

1. All ASAs or Annual Scholarship Awardees must be willing to attend the Barshell University, Paynesville Red light, Barclay Mission Road (OPPOSITE AFRILAND BANK), Montserrado County.
2. The ASA must be a Liberian student and a citizen of District #1, Montserrado County.

3. The ASA must be a High School Graduate who has attained 85% or above average upon graduation, or an Undergraduate Student who has attained a GPA of 3.0

4. All ASAs must have completed all requirements for admission or re-admission at Barshell University.

5. All ASAs must have good moral character, motivated and must be seeking for full time enrollment.

Selection Criteria for Honorable Lawrence Morris Annual Scholarship Award (ASA).

1. ASAs must demonstrate proof of academic paper, including Transcripts
and score sheets and others as may be requested.

2. Very high considerations will be made for students desirous to obtain
a Bachelor's Degree in Agriculture.
3. Must sit a face to face interview with a Scholarship Award Committee
(SAC) to complete the application and selection process.
Scholarship Coverage for Honorable Lawrence Morris Annual Scholarship Award (ASA).

All Annual Scholarship Awardees will receive:

1. Full waiver of tuition for one academic year, this is subject to annual renewal based on performance, conduct and adherence to the Representative Lawrence
Morris Bachelor's Program Code of conduct.

Note: All ASAs must not exceed (15 credit hours) during each semester of study. Additional, during the academic breaks, ASAs must report to the Scholarship Awards Committee (SAC) for special work assignment that will be carried out within the District. If Scholar fail remain in good academic standing as defined BT SAC or fail to adhere to the Representative Lawrence Morris Bachelor's Program Code of Conduct, program participation will be terminated. Textbooks, Transportation and extracurricular activities are the financial responsibility of the student.

Application Process for Honorable Lawrence Morris Annual Scholarship Award (ASA).

1. To apply, a student must submit a letter of application (hand written applications are also acceptable) expressing interesting in the program to the office of the Commissioner as applicable to your location. Please
sign in a log book after you drop off your application (date and time).

2. Students must also submit the following:
Official documents (photocopies are acceptable) showing proof of
academic records, i.e, transcript, report cards etc.two letters of recommendations.
Three (3) paragraph essay about yourself (origin, experience etc.); what area of study you intend to take; and his do you intend to use your education.a passport sized photo (colored)

3. All applications will be reviewed by the commissioners to ensure completeness of the application. All application will then be submitted by the commissioners to the Scholarship Award Committee (SAC) in the office of Honorable Lawrence Morris with ATTN TO: RESOURCE OFFICER.

4. Each SAC alongside each commissioners will finalize a vetted list of candidates and invite each candidate for an interview.

5. The SAC alongside each commissioner will produce a list of qualified candidates to be awarded the Honorable Lawrence Morris Annual Scholarship for 2018/2019 academic year at Barshell University.

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