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Last updated on 1/10/2019
Few weeks after armed robbers stormed the township of  Kingsville #7 and made away with thousands of United States dollars worth of  properties,  District #1 Representative Lawrence Morris convened  a meeting on Wednesday June 13, 2018 with commissioner of police Patrick Sudue and other local authorities of the District to address the issue.
Present at the meeting were Honorables  Lester Binda,  Uriah Brooks,  John Tucker , LNP Inspector Francis B. Flomo, Viola Brigge, Thomas Urey, Tony Kanakor,  Nathaniel Sackie,. Joseph B. Kollie,  Stephen Goba,  Daniel S.K Pabie, Samuel Korpu and Jefferson D. Flomo  amongst others. Hon. Morris offered his office's collaboration and full support with local law enforcement officers in partnership with the Liberia National Police and the Swedish embassy to recruit and train young men and women to serve as vigilantes for the community watchdog  team shortly to be introduced in the district.
He emphasized that the program is intended to help police officers in vulnerable communities in the district fight crimes at all levels of society.
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Rep. Morris condemns burglary in District #1 and promises to fight criminals.

Montserrado District #1 Representative Outlines Five Pillars

District #1 Rep. Lawrence Morris is calling for an increment of budgetary allocation in the 2018/19 nation budget for the LNFS.

The LNFS has had US$1.5 million in past budgets, of which 8o present is used on salary, something that the LNFS finds it difficult to run the institution effectively over the years.

Serving as guest speaker at the International firefighting day program over the weekend at the The Representative of Montserrado District
#1 on Tuesday May 15, told reporters about his plain to transform his district through five Pillars which he outlined.

Speaking at the office at the capitol, Representative Lawrence Morris explained his five Pillars of development. He named Rehabilitation of roads, Health Care, Infrastructure, Agriculture, and Education as the five pillars of his developmental agenda.

The District #1 lawmaker explained about how he sees the implementation of this agenda as the solution for the people of his District that lack these things.

Sometime people see infrastructure as development like roads and the physical structures; but, for me, I also see human capacity building as infras
tructure too, "explained Hon. Morris.

Hon. Morris he has already started
working in his District to meet up with five
pillars as planned. He is therefore urging
residents of District #1, Montserrado
County to cooperatively help push his
developmental agenda that is also in line
with the CDC led government's Pro-Pro
Highlighting the low key attention given the
liberia national fire service (LNFS)
Montserrado county Barclay training
center [BTC], Morris called on his
colleagues at the house of Representative
to see reason to allocate a little bit more to
the LNFS adding,; if that is done, it will
enhance a better fire service operation to
bring national fire service up to
Rep. Morris said because fire safety is
everyone's business, the government
innovate ways to provide safety living
environments for every citizens, stressing
that it is the civil responsibility of the
government to protect everybody.
Recounting several fire incidents over the
years, Morris said failure to improve fire
security in the country jeopardizes the
safety of ordinary citizens.
Morris said their gathering at the
celebration was not to reflect on the
mistakes or abuses of the past, but to
celebrate our civilization thus far and chart
a better course for our communities into
the future.'' At the same time ,Rep .Morris
indicate that it is important for the Liberia
Water and Sewer Corporation (LWCS)to
construct water hydrants in suitable areas
to provide water as well as the Liberia
Electricity Corporation to properly do
electrification to prevent frequent fire
The Liberia nation fire Services
(LNFS)was establish to safeguard life and
property from scourge of destructive fire
across the length and breadth of the
country as well as to promote efficient fire
prevention services
Rep. Morris launches LMDI's arithmetic competition, "The Multiplier"
The National Multiplication Competition, The MULTIPLIER, was launched at the Monrovia Christian Fellowship Center by Montserrado County Representative, Lawrence Morris with commitment to influence National Legislative support to the LMDI many initiatives targeting competition. The academia per excellence. told the gathering of about 500 pupils from different elementary schools in Monrovia that brain teasing competitions such as the ones being run by the LMDI needs national government support because they ignite and bring out the hidden talents in young people who are studious about the World around  them for the general good of their nation. Representative Morris cautioned the students to take academic competitions seriously as they could as well open doors of opportunities that could for ever change their lives for the best. He launched the MULTIPLIER with Seventy five thousand Liberian Dollars.

Earlier, LMDI Director John Kollie lamented the general lack of support for the National General  knowledge Pop Quizzing  launched by his organization since 2015, warning that the LMDI may be forced to shut down all the academic competitive initiatives being run by the group any time soon because of the lack of support. The launch of the MULTIPLIER witnessed the first set of seven multiplication of number games amongst 14 primary sessions from across Monrovia and its environs. The newly launched National Multiplication Competition will feature school kids from grades 1-6 in fierce weekly multiplication of numbers at their level as a way of enhancing their natural multiplication skills. The competition will bring face to face primary schools to battle in game style competitive exchanges around Liberia.
Montserrado County District #1 Representative Lawrence Morris has congratulated the victorious Montserrado County men’s football team with a donation of whopping US$1,000 as an initial contribution for their splendid performance during the course of the 2017-2018 County Sports Meet.

He made the donation on Monday in Bentol City, Montserrado County.
An overly excited Morris lauded the technical team and the boys for a job well done as the county has once again proven to be the center of almost everything in the country. He was also glad that the trophy was taken to the county capital where several people had the opportunity to see the trophy.

The Representative said that he was proud of the county to have retained the title, which is the most prestigious of the entire tournament. “You promised us that you were going to bring this trophy back and we are very glad that you have lived up to this promise. The people of this great county are proud of you all,” he added.

Rep. Morris initially provided LD$50,000 to the team during their camping for the finals and also bought them their full regalia (Montserrado county t-shirts and caps) including the technical team which cost almost US$700.
He promised to consult with the Montserrado County Legislative Caucus to reactivate Scholarship/Academic Program for players to have the opportunity to go to school to have vocational or career training.
Morris promotes sports amongst
youths in  District #1
Courtesy of Daily Observer News Paper

Tuesday, December 04, 2018 - Hon. Morris delivers keynote commencement convocation Speech at the William V.S. Tubman Teachers' college-UL Fendell campus

Hon. Morris delivers keynote commencement convocation Speech at the William V.S. Tubman Teachers' college-UL Fendell campus

District #1 Representative, Hon. Lawrence Morris has called for increased budget support for education in Liberia. He made the pronouncement at the 99th  commencement convocation of the William V.S Tubman Teachers' college on Tuesday December 4, 2018 on the University of Liberia Fendell campus where he served as a keynote speaker.

Speaking on the topic "
The Importance of Teachers' Education to National Development", the Lawmaker admitted that the professional challenges faced by the country were enormous, but added that they were not insurmountable. “While there is not much that you can do to affect the economy, you can be tough-minded and vocal about what it means to teach, because it emulates from you, how the minds of the young people will be developed in curving and shaping development and how things will improve or deteriorate,” he continued.

The honorable  expressed disappointment that graduates of the teachers’ college were entering the profession at a time when educational authorities are striving to balance their budgets through cuts.
This he said is a result of political play within the governing sector. Teachers are universally praised for finding solutions to educational problems; but are also condemned as the root causes for all of the problems with schools in Liberia,” 

He said the ideological battle to give befitting definition to teaching must be left with those who go through educational trainings.
Representative Morris then called on the graduates to cherish their profession as teachers, saying, “Teachers are knowledge delivery mechanism whose effectiveness will be determined primarily by how literate and civilized a society is.”
He stressed the need that educational authorities encourage young Liberians to take teaching as an intellectual journey that will transform Liberia.
The Montserrado County Lawmaker noted that teaching is a profoundly intellectual activity that shapes development in all walks
of life, and as such, the need to support teaching in every society, including Liberia, cannot be overemphasized.

“The good primary teacher knows about child development and how to engage young people across a range of subjects; he or she listens to see who needs help, knows how to answer wrong questions and provide an art example or comparison to guide towards clearer thinking,” the Honorable averred.

In his efforts and dreams to transform his District  into an oasis of opportunity and a model district that will be referenced and emulated across the entire country  in terms of Economic and Infrastructure developments, Trade, Education, Health and Self-Sufficiency in food production, District #1 Representative Hon. Lawrence Morris meets with Black Congressional members in the US State of Arizona to appeal for help in building what he calls "a Model District in Liberia that will stand out as a symbol of reference in the future" . The Honorable who happens to be on a special District lobbying trip to the United States convinced his US counterparts about the challenges facing his District, especially in the areas of sanitation, roads and food production.

On their part, Congress members agreed to work with the Honorable in assuring that the District gets on the trajectory that will  subsequently lead to the transformation he so desires in the next four years to come.

Rep. Morris addresses  Black Congressional Congress members of the US State of Arizona
Tuesday January 8, 2019
Hon. Lawrence Morris
District # One Montserrado County
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